Lt. Vernon L. Tebo        
      Vernon L. Tebo

Vernon was born April 21, 1917.  He graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a B.S in Education and was a high school teacher.  He enlisted in the U.S. Navy in June 5, 1941 and served aboard the USS Makassar Strait (CVE-91) in the attached Squadron VC-97.

He is fondly remembered by his shipmates as being "quiet, religious, courteous and considerate of others."  He was said to have been best known as a "great solo tenor" with appearances every Sunday in the hanger deck of the USS Makassar Strait.  Highly regarded, his best known exploit was the sugar cane landing, as recalled by Vilas Dack a TBM pilot and the LSO that day.


Lt. Vernon L. Tebo was a TBM Avenger pilot in Air Squadron VC-97.  He was killed in action on April 15, 1945 while flying a bombing mission over the island of Ishigaki.  A memorial dedication was held on June 18, 2011 at the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas.  Memorial plaques and brick pavers were dedicated for  Lt.Vernon L. Tebo and his crewmates Robert Tuggle Jr., AOM 1/c, and Warren Loyd ARM 1/c.  A complete record of the June 18, 2011 Memorial Ceremony including photographs and HD video can be found on the Events page or by clicking [here].

The Bilingual Memorial Monument located on the Island of Ishigaki was also dedicated to these three men of Air Squadron VC-97.  This monument dedication ceremony took place on August 15, 2001.


Left to right; Robert Tuggle, Jr. AOM 1/c ( holding his dog Snatch ); LT. Vernon Tebo; Warren Loyd ARM 1/c


Left to right:  ARM 1/c  Warren Loyd;  LT. Vernon Tebo;  AOM 1/c Robert Tuggle, Jr.

  VT-33 Training at Alameda Naval Air Station.  Lt Vernon Tebo, standing in the back row 3rd from the left.  

Sub Lt. Geoffrey Eaton Wright - Flight Log

The log book scan shown above and memory noted below was provided by Sub Lt. Geoffrey Eaton Wright's Son in Law, Rev Paul McVeagh.  To read more about Sub-lieutenant Geoffrey Eaton Wright click [here].


My Father in Law was Sub Lt Geoffrey Eaton Wright (1923-2012) of the Royal Navy who was pilot of a Gruman Avenger based on HMS Indomitable in the Far East 1944-45. He died last Wednesday at the age of 89, and his funeral is planned for 13 June 2012.

Throughout the 29 years I have known him he has talked about his experiences and especially of his fond memories of Lt Vernon Tebo who was his flight instructor during his primary training in 1943 at USNAS Grosse Ile. He talked often of Lt Tebo who taught him well and with great humour. In the early days of his training his log book shows that he often flew with Lt Tebo who nicknamed him, Wilbur (an obvious aviation illusion to the Wright brothers).  Geoff was the son of a Church of England vicar and Lt Tebo teased him with an entry in his log book;

"Remember the 151st Psalm: Keep thine airspeed lest the ground rise up and smite thee BUT HARD!!!"

Geoff went on several dangerous missions in the Far East and survived when many of his squadron did not, but over the years he was particularly upset by the death of his friend Lt Tebo. I attach a copy of a page of Geoff's log book with the 151st psalm entry and other other comments in Vernon Tebo's hand.

With best wishes,

Rev Paul McVeagh (also a Church of England Vicar!)

  Museum of the Pacific War Memorial Dedication    
  The plaques shown above were placed on Bracket Wall 2 in the Memorial Courtyard at the National Museum of the Pacific war in Fredericksburg, Texas.  The memorial dedication was held on June 18, 2011.  
  The brick pavers shown above were placed on the Veterans Walk of Honor in the Memorial Courtyard at the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas.  The memorial dedication was held on June 18, 2011.  
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