The USS Shipley Bay (CVE-85) statistics were obtained from several sources.  All images included below were obtained from a book titled ONI 222-US United States Naval Vessels.  This book was the Official United States Navy Reference Manual prepared by the Division of Naval Intelligence and published on 1 September 1945.  
  Awarded: 1942  
  Keel laid: November 22, 1943  
  Launched February 12, 1944  
  Commissioned: March 21, 1944     [Commissioning Document]  [Bosn's Whistle]  
  Decommissioned: June 28, 1946  
  Struck: March 1, 1959  
  Sold for scrap to Japan March 2, 1959  
  Builder: Kaiser Shipbuilding Co., Vancouver, WA  
  Propulsion system: 4 boilers  
  Propellers: 2  
  Length:  512.5 feet (156.2 meters)  
  Flight Deck Width: 108 feet (32.9 meters)  
  Beam:  65 feet (19.9 meters)  
  Draft: 22.6 feet (6.9 meters)  
  Displacement:. 10,400 tons full load (approximate)  
  Speed: 19 knots  
  Catapults: 1  
  Armament: (1) 5-inch L/38 gun, (16) 40mm guns, (20) 20mm guns  
  Aircraft: 28 planes  
  Crew: 860  
  Nautical Miles Traveled 96,787  
  Ship's Newspaper: News Buoy  
  Ship's Mascott Seabag  
  Air Squadrons: CVG-1  
    CVLG-49 Embarked  
    VC-97 Composite Squadron Attached aka Fishhook Squadron  
    VC-99 Embarked  
    VMB-614 Marine Bombing Squadron Embarked  
  Sorties Over Target: 411  
  Local Combat Air Patrol: 200  
  Anti Submarine Patrol: 55  
  WWII Aircraft Carrier Silhouette Class Comparison  
  Escort Carrier Bogue and Long Island Class Specification Sheet  
  Escort Carrier Sangamon Class Specification Sheet  
  ONI 222-US United States Naval Vessels  
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